League of Legends High-Elo Mid Lane

Hello guys, welcome back to another League of Legends tutorial. This time we will discuss the most fought-over lane in the game: The MID lane.

Before is start, a reminder (in case you didnt read my other tutorials): i will  not talk about items specifically, just about item classes, because this is NOT mobafire.com, items vary from game to game, champion combination to champion combination, so please, don`t ask me “what should i buy first on Fizz?”. Ok, here it goes!


               I said earlier that this lane is the most fought-over. Everybody wants to go mid. Most people fail this lane terribly and cost their team the game. Why? Because they fail at simple things that don`t seem to matter much, but are of great importance if you are trying to climb tiers and expect to carry games melting people with 2 skills. Just understand that this game is not about how much skill you have pressing QWER, it is more about how you THINK. Here is a list of things you need to know about the mid lane BEFORE you start your epic battles:

  • The middle lane is the shortest lane on the map
  • Being the shortest, it is the easiest way into the enemy base and the Nexus
  • Having the greater impact on the map control scheme, it is also the most vulnerable
  • The turrets are closer together than other lanes
  • Because it is on a diagonal line cutting the map in two,  Flanking manouvers are to be expected
  • The mid laner is more susceptable to ganks from BOTH sides of the river, making the mid lane the most dangerous and hard one to play
  • Because it has so many entry/exit points, it is easy to escape by planning a route ahead
  • Being on the center of the map gives the mid laner the opportunity to roam easily

With that being said, you are now ready for the next steps of the tutorial.


Yes, the most important aspect of all. You don`t farm = no money = no items = useless in game. This does`nt mean you have to out-CS your lane opponent by 100 by the 15  minute mark, hah.

Just farm as much as you can.

Pro tip: Use skills while farming. It may cost you mana, but its better than auto-attacking. Don`t spam skills too much and ask the jungler for Blue buffs ( even if you don`t have a mana pool, the CoolDown Reduction is a nice treat).

You must farm AT LEAST until you reach level 6. When you get your ult, try to force your opponent to run to base. You are now facing crucial decisions to make. No worries, the Grandma will help you out!

Q: The enemy went to base with low HP or is dead, but you have less than 25% HP left. What do you do?

A: Finish farming from a VERY safe distance, then run home. No need to risk it, trust me.

Q: The enemy went to base or is dead, you are full HP and the bot/top lane is under pressure. What now?

A: Leave all farming behind, and try to run back to your turret and hide in the fog of war. From here, hurry bot/top and gank the lane so you can help out your buddies. I`m telling you to hide in the fog of war because if the enemy sees you running toward his lane, he will back off and you will not only fail the gank, you will be counter-ganked and killed.

Q: The enemy went base or is dead, you are full HP and bot/top are super ok. What shall i do, Grandma?

A: Push the lane hard, BUT WARD THE RIVER. If you take down the turret, its perfect. After you take down the turret start roaming as much as you can and push the other lanes. If you lane opponent does not poke you and you are not being ganked, do NOT force an engagement. EVER. Just farm farm farm, and attack him when your jungler is nearby.

2) Warding

I won`t stress this too much. If you want to farm safely, ward the river. If not, hug your turret and farm. Its very easy to understand so please try to take my word for it, i didn`t main Mid for nothing! You only need one ward in only one river bush.

If your jungler ganks/farms the bottom side, then the enemy should be on top and gank from there. Ward the top bush. Ward bot bush if otherwise. Simple? Yes, simple and effective. You must stay safe at all times. If you die too much, you`ll feed the mid laner, and thats like manning the enemy cannon and pointing it at your team.

3) Understand your role depending on your champion

You think the mid laner should be only a burster? Think again. Some Mid laners are, but some are tanks, some have utility spell kits.

Trust me, you can NEVER think that if you play mid you can Penta when you want.

In your aid i will make the Mid laner classes pros and cons so you can have a better view of the mid lane in general

  • Squishy AP bursters (Fizz, Ahri, Katarina etc…)

This type of mid laner is extremely squishy (unless you build it tanky with Rylai or other beefy items), but can take down heavy targets with ease because of their kit and spell combo. While they are mainly focused in battle, if they are protected can melt the entire team without breaking a sweat. If you play this type of mid laner consider poking (ALOT) and go for kills only when you see a viable target out of position.

  • AP/AD Asassins (Zed, Kha`zix, Akali etc…)

This type of mid laner is good at taking down low HP targets, but not lasting much in battle. Because they are asassins, they have high mobility and escape mechanisms to get them in and out of battle. I know what you may be thinking, Ahri`s Spirit Rush or Katarinas Shunpo don`t really count as escapes, whereas Akalis Twilight Shroud can make her invisible and her Shadow Dash has HUGE range, Zed and Kha can jump over walls. I know what i am saying, trust me. If you play this type of mid laner, consider staying waaaaaay behind your buddies and only go in for kills.

  • Tanky casters (Galio, Swain, Mordekaiser, Gragas etc…)

This is a tricky one. Although they are preety beefy for a caster, they do, however, inflict impressive amounts of damage when built full AP ( Gragas full combo, Morde full combo). They depend on their base stats and spell kit for survival dishing out damage when striking back. If you play this type of mid laner, you should be in the middle of your team because you can deal damage to more than one unit and survive taking damage in the process.

  • Utility caster (Lux, Galio, Ryze, Annie, Lissandra etc…)

Again, don`t get me wrong, they have burster potential, some can even one shot a squishy, but their kit is oriented towards teamfight because the existance of hard CC. Lux has AoE slow and double snare PLUS a shield, Galio can taunt the entire enemy team, Ryze and Annie can lock down targets etc… Because of their CC oriented kit, some are even played as supports, but trust me, stack AP on them and you have a squishy targeted, held in place and melted in a second. Thats why i said they have burster potential. Should i remind you the power of a Zhonya+Surge+Ult Kennen? heh

Im not going to cover the FOCUS part, you should already know who to pick as your target in a fight, duuh.

I am, however, going to talk about items.

You see, the reason i love League of Legends is because every game is unique. Therefore, your item combination should be. I will help you make your decisions:

  • Enemy has strong AD power? A Zhonya first is a good idea, then you can get all the AP you want.
  • Enemy has strong AP power? Abyssal Scepter and other MR items along with AP is what you need. Aaaand you should consider selecting Veigar or Galio (offence or defence) ^^
  • Enemy is tanky as hell? No problem, buy  Liandrys Tourment and be done with it.
  • Enemy has  little to none mobility? A Rylai can keep them nice and slowed down.
  • Enemy carry has too much Lifesteal and damage? Morellonomicons active should do the trick!
  • Enemy has too many squishy targets? Go burster and grab a Deathfire Grasp. Woohoo!

These items depend on your opponents champion lineup. Trust me, don`t just swallow everything mobafire tutorials give you, every kit DEPENDS on your enemy and their powers. I have seen WAY TO MANY brainwashed players who see a certain item set and stick with it no matter what. Trust me, its not a good idea to buy Abyssal Scepter when your enemies dont have AP AT ALL! Sure, the Magic Penetration is nice, but that MR means you waste a slot for half the item you needed.

This is enough for now, i covered pretty much all the aspects you were maybe curious about. Take my advices and you will prevail!

Good luck on the Fields of Battle!

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