WarThunder Flight and Attack Tutorial

Hello everyone, i`m back in 2014, i`m still not dead, which means that i`ll be giving you some more of my very precious information that will somehow help you beat another Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game: WarThunder.

Before i start, be sure that you had played at least ONE flight sim/arcade game in your life, it will help you better understand flight mechanics.

(i just got into the game, been playing it for not more than 10 hours but with my advises you will master it from the beginning like i did)

Ok, let`s go!


The things we will be covering in this tutorial are:

  1. Types of vehicles and ordnance
  2. Positioning (speed, altitude, placement on map)
  3. Ground attacking
  4. Dogfights
  5. Evading

(notice i will not cover battles at sea because these are open ground combat zones where some of these tactics may not apply)

1) Types of vehicles and ordnance

I`ll tell you about Airplanes, Ground forces and Ammunition. They are all in perfect synergy with eatchother, some planes are good against tanks, some are not.


You got 3 major types:


Highly mobile, medium armored attack airplanes that are good against light armored ground forces and low mobility aircraft. They specialise in dogfighting and strafing runs, but cannot carry bombs and must rely only on machineguns.

Their roles vary: Gaining air dominance, destroying light armored vehicles and escorting bombers. You will most likely play as the first two only, but if you want to win, i suggest trying to play the third one as well.

Having high mobility means that they lack thick armor, so keep that in mind.


Similar to fighters, this type of aircraft can also carry a very small payload of high explosive “detonate on impact” bombs. When i say similar, i meant they look the same, but they have some pros: thicker armor, bigger MGs (or cannons) high speed and high altitude tolerance and (in most cases) a rear gunner. They do, however, lack mobility (due to bigger weight) and can be used either to bomb/strafe ground targets or attack fighters/fighter-bombers.


Hight altitude soaring fortresses. They have more than one gunner station, they have little to no mobility (in dogfights), slow and heavy but very destructive if left unattended. Usually fly above 7000 m and bomb the ground dropping several low-weight bombs of fewer, more destructive, heavy bombs. Without escort, they drop like flies. Having no mobility leaves them open for all kinds of attacks because they cannot dodge and their big wide wings are huge easy targets.



Not much to say here. Three big types:


Jeeps, Transport trucks etc…

They are no threat, their weapons (if there are any) will just graze you. They do, however, move pretty fast, so keep that in mind when you are attacking them.


Halftracks, Armored cars, Mobile or Stationary AAA, they have thicker armor but move slower. Watch out for the Mobile AAA, it can shred you to pieces before you can hit them with one bullet… Very annoying… Your main goal is to strafe them the side as their armor is weaker on the sides and back.


Tanks, Pillboxes, Bunkers. The tanks are very slow moving but can inflict massive amounts of damage to allied ground forces. Can only be attacked from the rear for maximum efficiency, and preferably use Armor Piercing rounds, Rockets or Bombs to take them out.



You have the CLASSIC TYPE

Not very effective against medium-high armored targets (ground or air).


Very strong against armor (duuuh…) but have only 70% efficiency, depending on the angle of the shot.


Not very effective against armor, but very good versus air targets because, if you are lucky, you can critically hit enemies and set them ablaze.

Enough with that, now let’s get down to the fun part:


Positioning your plane in air can make the difference on the battlefield. You can either be a very sneaky and slippery fast moving threat or a stupid, useless weather blimp that glides blissfully and eats bullets for dinner.

It all comes down to your plane type and purpose:


If you are ESCORTING, stay as close as possible to your allied bomber, either behind it or in front of it. This way, you will protect it from incoming attacks and can retaliate faster.


If you are engaging GROUND TARGETS, tackle them from the side so you can effectively strafe them down to shreds. Fly at medium to low altitude in a downward manner, keeping your targets in your sights at all times.


If you are DOGFIGHTING, fly close to the ground and only climb when you are in a direct confrontation. Trust me, fly low and they won`t risk crashing just to graze your tail.

ground fly

What a pretty picture :)

Try to use the landscape to cover yourself for as much as you can. Here is an example of how you should and should not fly towards the battle area and in it:



Fly at medium to high altitudes ( greater than 4000 m ) and engage ground targets when you are almost on top of them. When attacking, dive. Plunge almost vertically to the ground to make sure your bombs hit the target and don`t give them time to dodge. After a successful dive-bombing run, quickly climb back up and try to get assistance (trust me, people will help you because you are an important asset to the team)



Fly at high altitudes ( greater than 6000 m ) and only bomb ground targets from there. Do not go under 4000 m because you give your position away and enemy fighters will eat you in a second!



Well, for the Bomber types i think it is very obvious. Stay over the target and bomb it. Simple.

For the fighter type, there is a problem. You won`t be facing just the ground units fire, but the enemies that fly around you trying to prevent you from making too much damage.

There are two tactics for ground attacking as a fighter:

1) Side Strafing Run (SSR)


As showed in the picture above, you have to hit as many targets as you can in just one run. Don`t worry, you will destroy most of them on the second run. This applies for light/medium armor. For the heavy armor use rockets or attack only from behind.

2) Sinusoidal Ground Attack (SGA)


This type of attack can destroy most of the target group in just on run because you individually pick targets and mow them down. Watch out of enemy aircraft and AAA,



Yes, the real deal. You can`t say you played a flight sim/arcade game if you didn`t engage a dogfight. How you start it is very important, because if you have the advantage now, your enemy will be down before he can even clip your wing.

Frontal Attack

Very tricky because your enemy will be firing at you. To limit the damage, try to be as narrow as possible and aim for the ENGINE and WINGS. Don`t overheat the main gun hoping he will burst into flames. Attack with your brain. In most cases, if the enemy is hit bad, he will try to ram you, so i suggest you evade as soon as he gets too close. He will burn out eventually and you`ll be safe and sound.

Rear Attack

Same principle. Attack the wings or engine (wings are more accessible). Do not spam, do not overheat your weapon, fire in small but accurate bursts and if you see he is burning, disengage.

Side Attack

This is your best shot at the enemy`s engine. Lead the target, shoot in front of it, remember, the game mechanic consists in bullet speed and bullet drop. Try not to focus too much on the game “target lead” aid, it is not very accurate, trust me.

Oh, as a side note, if you attack bombers, attack them from underneath or from above (if possible) and take down the engines in the wings fast. It`s the most effective way of taking them down. If you attack from the rear you will be torn apart by the gunners.



Are you in a serious dogfight in which the enemy is behind you? No problem! We force them to break the attack. How? Very easy. Here are some techniques:

The Immelmann


A simple half-loop that will make you be on top of your opponent and leave him disoriented. Use this if you have high speed and low altitude.

Downward Spiral


The game helps you rotate with a simple push of a button. Just keep pressing wither A or D key. You will begin to rotate and lose altitude. It makes you a very hard to hit target.



A full loop that will put you behind your pursuer. You must have medium altitude and high speed or else you will stall and crash

The Force Stop


While in a loop, stall your plane and descend, gaining lift back. You`ll be closer to your opponent than you`ll be while looping.

The Flying Tank

Sounds funny? It`s not. This is a very VERY difficult maneuver because it is done under 100 m. You are basically flying around trees and houses. Your enemy will not pursue you because he will risk crashing and will be very irritated because he will miss you every time

Mountain Climber

It`s similar to the Flying Tank, only this time you will be hugging mountains. Thats right, you are almost touching the ground, flying up and down, left and right. If your opponent does not crash, he will break off.

You must use these maneuvers according to the map and situation. Don`t abuse them, they are a two sided blade.


This concludes this tutorial, hope you are already eager to get in the game an try these tips for yourselves.

Happy hunting!

“New Years Eve” Make-Up Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today i will be teaching you (with some help from my lovely make-up artist) how to make the perfect New Years Eve make-up: The Smokey Eyes.


Before you start

It`s recommended that you prepare your skin before make-up by doing a skin treatment at a salon. If you don’t have time or money to do this treatment, i`ll show you a simple trick to clean your skin at home.

First take some cleansing cream (about half of a regular spoon) and mix it with salt (pour it until you can`t see the cream anymore) in your hand and you`ll have a nice, homemade scrub.

Don`t be afraid to use salt, it`s a base that will regulate your skins pH and will prepare your skin for a quality makeup.

At the end of this tutorial I will let you in on a little secret. I`ll show you how you can apply make-up in the most cleanest manner possible.

Enough chat, let`s get this make-up done!


Cover the dark circles,red spots and small imperfections with concealer, preferably using a concealer tone that is lighter than the base color of the foundation cream.


Follow up with mattifying using transparent powder (if you don`t have transparent powder you can use one that has a similar tone with the foundation cream)


Apply adherent make-up base that will help the make-up adhere to it, lasting longer on the eyelid without creating those inestethic folds.


Using a black kojal pencil (or any type of make-up pencil) start drawing a thin line at the top of the lower eyelid which will be blurred with the help of a small round brush.

It is not necessary to use black color. You can use other colors that are in tone with the color of the eyes.

5) COLOR  

Apply the main color on the whole upper eyelid without going over the edge of the eye (the most used color is black, and you must match it with the color on the lower eyelid)


Using a contrasting color (usually lighter) blur out using round motions upwards thus creating the smoke effect.

Pay attention when applying make-up, make sure you blur out avoiding straight lines separating different tones.


On the upper edge of the upper eyelid apply a beige opaque make-up, but you can also opt for a very VERY thin line of sparkling make-up right under the eyebrow


Apply mascara or false eyelashes (this is by choice) and then draw a black line (or a different color, depending on the eye color) on the waterline


For a touch of glamour apply, on the middle of the upper eyelid, a drop of sparkling MAC pigment to make it vivid.


Style the eyebrows using a special make-up which has a color similar to the natural color of the eyebrows. Avoid using black because it “frowns” the look. Best case scenario, use a dark brown make-up.


Emphasise the cheekbones with colors matching the rest of the make-up, the skin color AND (this is critical) the type of light where the party is taking place.


Emphasise the lips using a lip pencil that has a color similar to the one of the lipstick WITHOUT crossing over the natural lip line. Apply the lipstick with a brush avoiding stacking up make-up on them. For a glamour effect, apply shiny lip gloss on the middle of the lower lip.


Make sure that the neck and ears are on tone with the face.

Oh, i said that i will give you a secret to a perfectly clean make-up. It`s not really a secret, it`s common sense. You know how simple it is? Here, i`ll tell you:

First start with the eyes, then finish the face. This way, you won`t smudge your face while you are working at your eyes (because, let`s face it, you can`t apply detailed make-up without having your hand rest on a surface…). Simple, i know.


You`re all done! You have put on a pro make-up that will draw attention at the party, now go have some fun!

Rise, shine and be fabulous. Happy New Year! (and Grandma still loves you all)

Becoming a True Make-up Artist

There are alot of guides and tutorials on the internet regarding this problem, but the majority of them only give you information from their point of view, regarding their experiences, and NOT in general.

Why is this a problem? Because when you guide somebody to success you have to make him see the bigger picture, and not how you did it. By doing so, you are restricting that “somebody” to only your path, your choices, many of which do not fulfill his needs. In some cases, speaking from your point of view will make that individual fail. We would`nt want that, now, would we?

As a consequences to this “look what i did, do as i did and you might be glorious” epidemic, I decided to write a small book regarding this matter. You can find out more about it checking out this link or in the sidebar. The information it contains is valuable to an uprising make-up artist, so i suggest you purchase it (it`s only 1$, Merry Xmas!), read it AND UNDERSTAND IT. If not, the internet is full of “how i got 3290392$ in 2 days” and “best way of doing something” topics that are written from the authors point of view.

As a closing statement, who would you rather listen to? Some guy who tells you to do something because he did it that way (single point of view) or take advises from many people that did the exact same thing with different results and then take your own decision (general point of view) ? If it is the second choice you are thinking of, then continue reading.


Photo from: lionesswomansclub.com

Photo from: lionesswomansclub.com

I will just make a quick and easy to understand, i`ll just make a quick list. You will need:

  • Skill
  • Experience
  • Portfolio

I will not go too deep on these subjects, you`ll read more in the book.

So, first you need


Nothing good is done in this world without skill, so you are no exception. Keep in mind that you are an artist, and your work is, in fac, work of art. Doing sloppy jobs and newbie mistakes will downrate you and keep you from achieving your ultimate goal: Becoming a true make-up artist.

Let`s face it, if you don`t become the best in what you do, you`ll always be known as the “brave 2nd”. Why brave? Because you wanted to be 1st but you were`nt that good. You need to be perfect in everything you do. Nuff said.

A skill can be seen as a talent, or hard work. You can never have both, because being talented means you do things easily, while  not having talent means you need to compensate that with hard work. Easy? Of course.


You can have all the skill in the world or be the most hard working person alive, if you do not have experience, you are wasting your talent and effort.

Experience is gained through time spent and good work done. It is something to learn from, it is a valuable asset in your resume. Imagine being really passionate about something (say, computers) and would really love to work as a computer technician. When you send your resume to a company, the first thing they look at is experience. If you have none, then you have no chances of getting that job, regardless of how in love with computers you are or how you know them inside out.

It`s easy to gain experience. It`s as easy as eating your favourite food, because you love make-up and you do it with pleasure. Go to events, do make-up, take pictures of your work and keep them somewhere safe. It is a win-win situation, because you keep your artist hand trained AND you have proof of your work. Speaking of photos:


The solid proof of your work. It`s easy to say “i did that” but it`s much more efficient to say “look what i did”. Fill it up with photos of your work, because it will act as a confirmation of your experience. When you are being interviewed for a make-up artist job and the PR person asks you if you know how to do the, i don`t know, Smokey eyes make-up, you reply with “yes, i do, here are some photos of my work regarding this specific make-up” rather than “yes… “.

If you don`t have proof, people will NOT take your word for it. Imagine Facebook filled with “i`m gorgeous, pretty etc…” statuses but with no pictures to look at and confirm. Tough, right?

Do your portfolio. The bigger, the better. Try to have some nice high quality photos in it and you are good to go.

Sadly, this concludes this tutorial. But do not worry! You can read more in the book and i`ll let you in a little secret: in the Spring of 2014 i will be releasing my first big book named “THE COMPLETE MAKE-UP MANUAL” in which you will read about the beginning of make-up, the history of it, a color course, countless make-up styles and types with how-to and illustrations.

If you are eager to know when it will be released, like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google+, follow on Twitter (you can find the links on the sidebar)

Until then, peace out!

Grandma loves you all! (Except cats. They are lazy and annoying ^^)

Assassins Creed III Review : The Broken Creed

I was  busy for so long i didn`t have time to play games, but i guess most of you guys were OK on the “free time” section and got to play WAAAY more games than i did in the past 2 years. Now i have plenty of spare time and will be able to play tons of games, then i will review them here and leave comments freely open for your opinions (good/bad).

Sorrow aside, let`s begin, shall we?


Assassins Creed III

When i say broken, i mean COMPLETELY DESTROYED. I`m talking about storyline, graphics, animations etc…

Don`t get me wrong, the game looks and sounds incredible, the combat animations are superb BUT you would`ve got to play the game perfectly on a console. On a PC? No nononono, different story. You see, when Ubisoft decided to release ACIII they first did it on console, but that kinda limited the graphics, don`t you think? So then they made a horribile mistake. They didn`t make a PC version of the game, THEY PORTED THE CONSOLE VERSION ON PC. 

Why would this be bad? Because it forces the game to run in DirectX 11 at all times regardless of your desire to switch to a lower version, say 10 or 9.0c

Only one point is enough to describe why this game is broken? Not quite, this was just a preview. Check this out:

Nice, isn`t it? You know why this happens?

It`s not the GPU that causes this, it`s the CPU. Now, i don`t care if you have a 20Ghz Pentacore CPU with a nuclear reactor cooling system strapped to it, no. If you want to play this game smooth, at 60FPS, you have to rely ok… wait for it… Lady Luck. That`s right.

Do you remember the mith that says that once in a while you would find a joint in a Lucky Strike pack? Something like this, yeah. I tend to think that you have more chances at winning the local lotery than you have at play this game smooth.

There is only one reason: “Brilliant” idea of porting the game. Nuff said. And i have all rights to scream and yell at Ubisoft while tearing down AC posters from the wall. They ruined this game so bad not even a patch can fix it.

But wait! Luck might solve this problem after all! Check this out:

Yeah, smooth work there, Ubi. Sadly, it works 1/1000 cases. Personally, i will not play another AC agme in the series thanks to this rubbish here. I managed to play the game (in the end), i was impressed by it (me being a fan and all), but it was not worth my time and effort looking for a fix to a problem that should`nt exist in the first place.

Please, whatever you do, do NOT spam the comment box with “Grandma, you stupid idiot, you have slow PC, you are poor”. NO. My rig runs Battlefield 3 (for example) at Ultra Settings, Max Resolution, MAXIMUM FRAMES PER SECOND. Don`t tell me this game is sooooo special it needs tender,love and care so it can run. If i want something to cuddle at night with, i might as well adopt a dog and spare me the money i wasted on this crippled piece of crap.

I wanted to delete the game and send Ubi a nice email, but i didn`t. Let this be my mistake for not waiting long enough for reviews to pop out. And while i may be one of so many dissapointed Creed fans who bought the game too early, i still hold the right to critise it.

My main question is this: Why did Ubisoft realeased this junk and charged money for it? Would`nt it be more logical if they would`ve sticked with the console version and avoid hurting its clients? This is what i think the CEO of Ubisoft was thinking when he pressed the “Release ACIII for PC” red button:

Oh look, we are Ubisoft, we don`t give a flying **** about you mindless walking wallets who love this series, we`ll just go ahead and **** up your game while we sit back on a beach in Ibiza and enjoy printing money!

Why is the storyline bad, you ask me? Well, let`s see… Why did they release ACIV very fast? Could it be beause, i don`t know, they are printing money, just like the Call of Duty series is doing? The games storline, although a bit clichee and predictable at some points, is ok, but was it really necessary to release yet another part of the series?

Answer these questions yourselves, my fellow gamers (and probably Creed fans). Only then you will understand my pain…

I don`t care about the money i lost buying this junk, i don`t care about the stress it caused me to even WATCH a cutscene in 2 frames per second. It`s ok…

But this is an insult to all gamers in the world. I read countless forums about why is it broken and how to fix it, i read and wheep. There is no fix, there will never be one.

What will there be, then? Probably 3 or 4 more games in the series. Don`t get your hopes up, they will be just as bad as this one, regarding optimisation. About the storyline? Well, i don`t know, but i would`nt like to play as an Assassin in World War 2 trying to kill Hitler who is working for Abstergo and end the war. No thank you.

I`ll leave you guys decide wether if i`m wrong or right about this. Personally, i think they blew it. Big time. On our hopes, dreams, anticipation and money. It is unforgetable, unforgivable.

The least i can do to confort you is show you this picture of a fat cat, because it kinda simbolises the managers and chiefs over at Ubisoft. Meow meow.

Grandma loves you all! (equally)

Top Ten Mistakes When Building a Website

Most of you will tell me that making a website is easy peasy. WRONG. It`s so difficult you`ll pull your teeth out. Your reward for making such a huge effort is the website itself. You should be proud of it. Now, on to the list…



10) Visual bugs

If you`re either coding by hand or installing a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, you can still get those visual bugs that look very nasty and unprofessional. They come in all sorts of shapes and places. They range from code bugs ( adding an extra “>” can cause the code to partially become visible on your website) to photo bugs ( while coding by hand you misplace a photo and forget to modify the source, while using CMS you use a broken link. In both cases, you will have a large or small empty photo box with a little icon on it)

If you want to correct these mistakes, try analyzing the code before going live or pay attention to small details and what URLs you are using.

9) Using very large files

This thing is called “bloating the website”. It appears when you use very large files, like photos, for instance. They will make your website load very slow regardless of your internet connection or host server quality, they will eat a huge chunk of your traffic and storage.

To correct this, use different extensions to minimize the size of the files, thus minimizing the load time of your website.

8) Exagerated use of Advertisements

Not only it will make your website look unprofessional, it will cause visitors to leave and never return. Let`s face it, would you surf a nice and decent website or one that is choked with ads regardless of their nature?

To correct this, try to use your empty space strategically, placing an Ad or two at most. Try not to use pop-up Ads, those are the most annoying for visitors to watch, and you are not building a website for yourself.

7) Too many blank spaces

A website must be rich with content. If you are not using Ads to cover all the blank spaces, DO NOT leave them empty. Visitors like to surf rich websites, or else they`ll think it is under construction or noob-made and will never return again.

To correct this, try adding as much content to the website, like widgets, photo galleries, custom menus etc…

6) Lack of SEO 

You won`t attract visitors without propper SEO, wich is the main reason Google loves you and ranks you higher in the search results list. If you want your website to be optimized, do something about it, miracles don`t happen

To correct this, install SEO plugins, build a sitemap.xml, use backlinks, use Google Webmaster Tools, and so on

5) Copy-Paste

Yeah, the infamous CTRL+ C, CTRL+ V. Don`t. Your website must have original content. If you copy paste things from other websites, not only that your visitors will spot the Copy printer activity, but (to make things worse) Google and all other search engines spot this and leave you burried at the bottom of the search list.

To correct this, add original content, and add it frequently. It`s ok to quote somebody, but use ” ” when doing so.

4) Neglecting social mechanics

Trust me, everyone hates a website that has a comment box full of spam. If i want to see and access random links to infectious websites, i rather throw my laptop out the window than having to scroll down endless pages of spam. You need to be careful around this, because (in just 20 minutes i received 45 spam messages) this drives people away for good! Luckly, i have anti-spam options, hooray!

To correct this, use anti-spam options, plugins, whatever. You can control your websites social mechanic by deciding wich comment goes public and wich goes to the trash.

3) Dead Links

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to click a link you think might hold useful information and getting a 404 error in your face. Dead links are on my “i will never return to this website ever again” list, and, sadly, on the majority of web surfers. Having dead links is like having a door leading to an empty, dark room.

To correct this, ALWAYS check the links before you go live. Sometimes, even spelling errors might cause this, because having to write “href” all the time can cause one to go insane <tilts head and twitches eye>

2) Misleading domain name or logo

Even more frustrating than having dead links. If your site is about cars, don`t use a “boats-for-sale.com” domain name. If you want to spam people with pornographic images, don`t pick a domain name like “santas-nursery.net”. The internet is for everybody to surf, young and old.

To correct this, pick a domain name according to your niche of interest, use a simmilar logo, be consistent.

1) Uncategorized randomness

The worst of all mistakes possibile and known to science. More than once i decided to leave a website after 2 seconds becuase it had content all over the place, about all sorts of topics, without any menus or categories. It`s like you are lost and the map that helps you escape was a picture of a puppy drawn  by a 2 year old on toilet paper. So many websites lay almost dead because of the lack of sesne to them. They are meaningless, you simply cannot surf them at all, it`s just random information all over the god damned white page.

To correct this, add article categories, menus, link them together, make the visitor find his way on your website.

Hopefully you will manage to create a well designed website without doing these mistakes. As you may have noticed, i refrained from going deep into technical details of a website. I wrote this for everyone to understand the bigger picture. A website is like a book. You won`t read a book with torn off pages, smudged all over the place and with a cover that has nothing to do with the text inside.

Peace out!

Top Ten Make-Up Mistakes

The Make-Up. It is art, and not all can do it right. It needs some talent, knowledge of colors and good taste. There is a reason why Make-Up artists are artists. They know how to do this right, and avoid these mistakes.


10) Excessive use of satin eyeshadow

It may not seem that bad, but believe me, it is very awkward to have sparkling eyelids that can blind someone from a mile away…  Many women think that by overusing satin eyeshadow can attract more attention. What`s even worst about this it`s the fact that some use  vivid colors (pink,turquoise etc…)

The correct way: Apply a thin line on the upper-most part of the eyelid. This way, you can have that “glamour” effect without looking like a disco ball.

9) Applying blush in a sharp, rectangular manner

The blush has the purpose to create an effect such that it will emphasise your jaw and your cheekbone to make your face look almost perfect regardless of the view point. Applying it in a rectangular manner will make your face look rectangular.

The correct way: The way it should be applied is in a round-around-the-edges style, with a blurred outline,  making it look like a shadow. No straight lines.

8) Wrong use of eyeshadow color

The eyeshadow is not there just to look good. It also has to have the eye-position role, meaning that if you have eyes too closer together, you use a different type of color to make them look more spread out.

The correct way: It`s simple. Darker colors for spread out eyes, lighter colors for the eyes that are closer to eachother.

7) Wrong combination of colors

Yes. You may seem amazed, but by not combining colors the right way, you`re applying a kitschy make-up. When you pick your colors you have to keep in mind the following attributes:

  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Skin color
  • Color of the clothes

There are combinations that will make the make-up look professional. Try to use the same color class when applying make-up, or else you end up having the whole spectrum on your face.

The correct way: Not much to say here. Keep the aforementioned attributes in mind and apply make-up. In the end you must have colors that are either in a light contrast, or on tone.

6) Lack of blur

Ah, a good one. If you apply make-up but dont blur it on the edges, you look like if  a 3 year old drew on your face with markers. This is art, not technical drawing, so act accordingly.

The correct way: Always blur the edges ( unless you use eyeliner – duuh) so that i looks like the color fades on the outline, making the constant-texture effect possibile.

5) Excessive use of lipstick to make the lips look bigger

When i say this, i reffer to going beyond the outline of the lips with lipstick… This does NOT make the lips look bigger. If you want bigger lips, don`t smudge your face.

The correct way: First of all, “draw between the lines”. After that, apply another layer of lighter lipstick halfway under (or above) the lip outline. It will look like your lip edges are darker in color, making your lips look bigger. It`s all about light an color actually;  know how to use them in your advantage.

4) Applying thick layers of eyeliner

If you don`t want to look like you got punched in the eyes, don`t apply thick layers if eyeliner. Its purpose is to GENTLY outline your eyes and emphasise your eye color.

The correct way: Apply only thin layers (top and/or bottom, does`nt really matter), and make sure the line is smooth and its top (or bottom) edge is parallel to the eyes top (or bottom) edge.

3) Bad use of mascara

I know this should be obvious, but trust me, i`ve seen women wearing thick layers of mascara not only in public, but at events also. If you apply too much, you won`t have eyelashes to show anymore, just a  black compact  foil that sticks out of your eyes. What`s worse that thick mascara? “Spider-legs” mascara.

The purpose of mascara is to shape eyelashes in a fashion way.

The correct way: Do not overuse it. This is the most important aspect of all. Apply equal amounts on all eyeleshes, make it look simmetrical.

2) Wrong application of foundation cream

When i say wrong, i mean unfinished. If you apply foundation cream, try to cover not only your face, but your neck as well. If you don`t do it, you`ll have a mask effect on your face, wich is bad and unprofessional.

The correct way: Apply foundation cream not only on your face, but on your neck as well.

1) Bright, vivid colors on dark skin tone

The worst thing you can ever see is this. Trust me. Applying bright, vivid colors on dark skin tone will look terribile. Why? Because they will all be in contrast, they will all be highlighted  at once.

The correct way: Depending on how dark your skin is, use darker colors so that they can be in tone.

There is something far worse than #1. It`s all ten mistakes put together on one face. If you can avoid making these mistakes, you can apply a professional looking make-up in no time!

Grandma loves you all!

Creating a Website in 5 easy steps

Hello everybody, today i will move away from the gaming sphere and talk to you about websites and how to create one.

I will help you create, manage and populate your website in 5 steps, without the need of code knowledge and other tech stuff. This guide is for everybody to read, begginers and professionals together.

Here it goes!


1) Domain and Hosting

To put it simply, your website name and home. This is the most important step of all, and, as you can see, i chose to rank it first in my list. Here are some detailed information about each:

  • The Domain is your website link. In my case, its thewisegrandma.com. The website name is like your ID on the Internet. It is the most visible part of your website on the Internet.
  • The Hosting is the place where your website files rest. Here you can add pictures,  videos, etc… It`s the backbone of the website, in other terms.
  • The Domain and Hosting are linked together. You can add a Domain to your Hosting and voila!

Now to the fun part: Getting your hands on them. There are tons of Hosting plans and Domain sale websites, but i recommend you the one i am using on this website and on all my other websites. It`s called Bluehost ( HERE is a link to get you started with both domain and hosting).

Now to translate everything you may see there: The cheapest plan allows you to have a domain on your host. Hosting storage (it`s like a hard drive) is unlimited, wich means you can have tons of content on your site. Unlimited traffic (when a visitor enters your site, it will eat up traffic) means that you can have as many visitors as you want on your site.

Its primary website backbone is WordPress (like my blog) wich is, by far, the best platform for blogs,websites,galleries,e-Shops etc… and it`s the easiest to use and manage.

Now that you have your Domain and Hosting, it`s time to get our hands dirty!

2) Installing and Configuring WordPress

The website i recommended you ( HERE is the link again, in case you missed it) allows you to install the WordPress platform very easy because of its User Interface. Now that we are done with that, we have to configure our new website.

Firstly, select a theme. The theme can be a free one, a premium one, a drag-and-drop one ( in wich case i would like to show you this: PageLines DMS – a very cute and easy to use drag-and-drop framework. You simply drag elements of the website on the canvas and edit the content and there you have it! Best of all, it is free!). To install a downloaded theme (like Pagelines DMS that comes as a .zip file) simply go to your WordPress Dashboard, select Appearance, then  click on Themes. Look at the top of the page, you now have to click on Upload tab, then click on the Upload button, browse and select the theme, click Open, then Apply.

Here is a E-Shop Theme with user interface in case you want to build a store website

The theme will be uploaded on the Host storage. Now, you have to activate it. Simply click Activate under the theme image and boom! (for more information regarding the DMS theme, visit their website and watch the tutorials)

Congrats! Your website is configured, but it`s empty… No worries, we will take care of that!

3) Customizing the design of your website

The website has key components that makes it look and feel right.

  • The Header ( the top side with the logo and title text)
  • The Body (where all your content will go)
  • The Footer ( to bottom side where you can add useful links and trademarks)
  • The Sidebar(s) ( side columns wich contain menus, pictures, widgets, social media plugins)

Now, lets talk about every single one of them in detail:

The Header. The website needs a hat, and it must be pretty. Therefore, your header must contain your sites name, a short descriprion of it, and a preety picture behind all of them. Don`t worry, all themes come with a very user friendly interface that help you select images from your computer and upload them directly to your website and use them as header backgrounds.

The Body is the most important part of our website. It`s the place where all the content will be visible. Texts, picture galleries, Products for shopping etc… Furthermore, you can put some nice add-ons in it, like a slider, wich is a dynamic picture gallery under the header.

The Footers is not so important. Just type your name and trademark so we all know the website is yours.

The Sidebar(s). These columns are quite impressive. You can populate them with custom menus, picture galleries, social media plugins so peopla can Like and Share your site. It`s also a nice place to post Advertisements, but we`ll cover that later.

Don`t forget to select a nice font for the text and a nice background for the site in case you don`t like the theme preset one. Moving on…

4) Adding content

Now we can repay all your hard work with your passion. Start writing, adding photos, commenting, making your website truly yours.There is not much to say here, just start posting everything you like.

Oh, i almost forgot. If you want to add a site menu under the hearder (or on top, depending on the theme), just add Pages. You can find them in your Dashboard under Links.

I recommend you some nice plugins depending on the type of website you create:

- WordPress Premium Membership Plugin ( duuh, for membership-type websites)

- Newsletter Plugin (in case you want to send newsletters about your offers/products/informations)

5) Promoting your website

Now that the website has content and is live, people must know about it. A site without visitors is like a deserted museum. There are some ways to make your website have traffic:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It`s already pre-installed along with the Domain and Host. You can find it in the Dashboard. More info about configuring SEO HERE.
  • Google Webmaster Tools. You just add your site and from there Google starts doing his work searching for tags, keywords and moving your website higher in the Search Rank.
  • Social Media. Did you just add a new post about computers or fishing or make-up or whatever? Share it on Facebook, Google+. Twitter, Flickr and other social media websites. If you are lucky, people will Follow your blog and return to it as soon as you post something new!
  • Other solutions <still in research, i will not post theories here, just solid facts>

Now that your site has some traffic, you can monetize this with Google Adsense, for example. Google will post Advertisements on your site (don`t worry, they are not irritating to see and won`t affect your design) and will pay you for each and every click that is registered on that Ad. Simple and effective.

Don`t be afraid to change something on your site regarding the design, be unique every time and people will love it!

Now let`s conclude our tutorial with what we`ve learned:

  1. How to get a Domain and Web Host
  2. How to install and configure WordPress
  3. How to customize/manage the design of the website
  4. How to make it better by adding content
  5. How to promote it

Good work! You now have a fully functional and good-looking website! Enjoy it and remember, always try to add new content frequently so that people have something new to see every time they visit it.

Thank you for reading and i hope i managed to help you make your own website!

Things that make you an obsessed gamer

No more tutorials for now, folks.

I am going to amuse you with some funny posts and make your day a bit brighter!


1) If you have a broken door and finally manage to jam the key inside the lock and eventually, by some divine miracle, manage to open it, you hear a beep in your head and think of this:

“Lockpick incresed to 90″

2) When you walk up a crowded bus and gently push away the passengers, you do a weird thing with your hand like you are pulling out the Hidden Blade from Assassins Creed.

3) Watching New Years fireworks makes you feel like you`re playing Battlefield 3 and scream out loud:

“God damn, the sound effects in this game are AWSOME! Good job, Dice!”

4) Giving a mushroom dish to a very short friend and then stare at him waiting to grow larger.

5) Visiting a Military Museum, standing next to a tank and trying to press E in your head.

6) Having a friend just returned from Russia and immediately asking him:

“What happened in Vorkuta, Mason?!”

7) Holding a knife while cooking and holding it like you are in a fight sequence  in Assassins Creed.

8) Running for the bus and trying to press Shift in your head to sprint.

9) Playing soccer with friends and, before shooting the ball, you have a small gauge in your head to determine the power of the shot.

10) Dodging snowballs in a snowball fight like you`re dodging bullets.

11) You have the red mark on your wrist because of long periods of gaming.

12) Epic music puts you in “Epic Mode”, making you talk very victorious and fearless.

13) If a bright light blinds you for a second you scream “Flashbang!”

14) Waking up hungover in the morning and telling yourself you need to update the GPU Drivers

15) Failing to do something at a certain moment and trying to “Load Game” to avoid this.


Personally, if you do have these symptoms, i recommend getting yourself checked. Trying to Stealh Assassinate somebody at a concert with a plastic straw attached to your sleeve is not a social behaviour ^^

League of Legends High-Elo Mid Lane

Hello guys, welcome back to another League of Legends tutorial. This time we will discuss the most fought-over lane in the game: The MID lane.

Before is start, a reminder (in case you didnt read my other tutorials): i will  not talk about items specifically, just about item classes, because this is NOT mobafire.com, items vary from game to game, champion combination to champion combination, so please, don`t ask me “what should i buy first on Fizz?”. Ok, here it goes!


               I said earlier that this lane is the most fought-over. Everybody wants to go mid. Most people fail this lane terribly and cost their team the game. Why? Because they fail at simple things that don`t seem to matter much, but are of great importance if you are trying to climb tiers and expect to carry games melting people with 2 skills. Just understand that this game is not about how much skill you have pressing QWER, it is more about how you THINK. Here is a list of things you need to know about the mid lane BEFORE you start your epic battles:

  • The middle lane is the shortest lane on the map
  • Being the shortest, it is the easiest way into the enemy base and the Nexus
  • Having the greater impact on the map control scheme, it is also the most vulnerable
  • The turrets are closer together than other lanes
  • Because it is on a diagonal line cutting the map in two,  Flanking manouvers are to be expected
  • The mid laner is more susceptable to ganks from BOTH sides of the river, making the mid lane the most dangerous and hard one to play
  • Because it has so many entry/exit points, it is easy to escape by planning a route ahead
  • Being on the center of the map gives the mid laner the opportunity to roam easily

With that being said, you are now ready for the next steps of the tutorial.


Yes, the most important aspect of all. You don`t farm = no money = no items = useless in game. This does`nt mean you have to out-CS your lane opponent by 100 by the 15  minute mark, hah.

Just farm as much as you can.

Pro tip: Use skills while farming. It may cost you mana, but its better than auto-attacking. Don`t spam skills too much and ask the jungler for Blue buffs ( even if you don`t have a mana pool, the CoolDown Reduction is a nice treat).

You must farm AT LEAST until you reach level 6. When you get your ult, try to force your opponent to run to base. You are now facing crucial decisions to make. No worries, the Grandma will help you out!

Q: The enemy went to base with low HP or is dead, but you have less than 25% HP left. What do you do?

A: Finish farming from a VERY safe distance, then run home. No need to risk it, trust me.

Q: The enemy went to base or is dead, you are full HP and the bot/top lane is under pressure. What now?

A: Leave all farming behind, and try to run back to your turret and hide in the fog of war. From here, hurry bot/top and gank the lane so you can help out your buddies. I`m telling you to hide in the fog of war because if the enemy sees you running toward his lane, he will back off and you will not only fail the gank, you will be counter-ganked and killed.

Q: The enemy went base or is dead, you are full HP and bot/top are super ok. What shall i do, Grandma?

A: Push the lane hard, BUT WARD THE RIVER. If you take down the turret, its perfect. After you take down the turret start roaming as much as you can and push the other lanes. If you lane opponent does not poke you and you are not being ganked, do NOT force an engagement. EVER. Just farm farm farm, and attack him when your jungler is nearby.

2) Warding

I won`t stress this too much. If you want to farm safely, ward the river. If not, hug your turret and farm. Its very easy to understand so please try to take my word for it, i didn`t main Mid for nothing! You only need one ward in only one river bush.

If your jungler ganks/farms the bottom side, then the enemy should be on top and gank from there. Ward the top bush. Ward bot bush if otherwise. Simple? Yes, simple and effective. You must stay safe at all times. If you die too much, you`ll feed the mid laner, and thats like manning the enemy cannon and pointing it at your team.

3) Understand your role depending on your champion

You think the mid laner should be only a burster? Think again. Some Mid laners are, but some are tanks, some have utility spell kits.

Trust me, you can NEVER think that if you play mid you can Penta when you want.

In your aid i will make the Mid laner classes pros and cons so you can have a better view of the mid lane in general

  • Squishy AP bursters (Fizz, Ahri, Katarina etc…)

This type of mid laner is extremely squishy (unless you build it tanky with Rylai or other beefy items), but can take down heavy targets with ease because of their kit and spell combo. While they are mainly focused in battle, if they are protected can melt the entire team without breaking a sweat. If you play this type of mid laner consider poking (ALOT) and go for kills only when you see a viable target out of position.

  • AP/AD Asassins (Zed, Kha`zix, Akali etc…)

This type of mid laner is good at taking down low HP targets, but not lasting much in battle. Because they are asassins, they have high mobility and escape mechanisms to get them in and out of battle. I know what you may be thinking, Ahri`s Spirit Rush or Katarinas Shunpo don`t really count as escapes, whereas Akalis Twilight Shroud can make her invisible and her Shadow Dash has HUGE range, Zed and Kha can jump over walls. I know what i am saying, trust me. If you play this type of mid laner, consider staying waaaaaay behind your buddies and only go in for kills.

  • Tanky casters (Galio, Swain, Mordekaiser, Gragas etc…)

This is a tricky one. Although they are preety beefy for a caster, they do, however, inflict impressive amounts of damage when built full AP ( Gragas full combo, Morde full combo). They depend on their base stats and spell kit for survival dishing out damage when striking back. If you play this type of mid laner, you should be in the middle of your team because you can deal damage to more than one unit and survive taking damage in the process.

  • Utility caster (Lux, Galio, Ryze, Annie, Lissandra etc…)

Again, don`t get me wrong, they have burster potential, some can even one shot a squishy, but their kit is oriented towards teamfight because the existance of hard CC. Lux has AoE slow and double snare PLUS a shield, Galio can taunt the entire enemy team, Ryze and Annie can lock down targets etc… Because of their CC oriented kit, some are even played as supports, but trust me, stack AP on them and you have a squishy targeted, held in place and melted in a second. Thats why i said they have burster potential. Should i remind you the power of a Zhonya+Surge+Ult Kennen? heh

Im not going to cover the FOCUS part, you should already know who to pick as your target in a fight, duuh.

I am, however, going to talk about items.

You see, the reason i love League of Legends is because every game is unique. Therefore, your item combination should be. I will help you make your decisions:

  • Enemy has strong AD power? A Zhonya first is a good idea, then you can get all the AP you want.
  • Enemy has strong AP power? Abyssal Scepter and other MR items along with AP is what you need. Aaaand you should consider selecting Veigar or Galio (offence or defence) ^^
  • Enemy is tanky as hell? No problem, buy  Liandrys Tourment and be done with it.
  • Enemy has  little to none mobility? A Rylai can keep them nice and slowed down.
  • Enemy carry has too much Lifesteal and damage? Morellonomicons active should do the trick!
  • Enemy has too many squishy targets? Go burster and grab a Deathfire Grasp. Woohoo!

These items depend on your opponents champion lineup. Trust me, don`t just swallow everything mobafire tutorials give you, every kit DEPENDS on your enemy and their powers. I have seen WAY TO MANY brainwashed players who see a certain item set and stick with it no matter what. Trust me, its not a good idea to buy Abyssal Scepter when your enemies dont have AP AT ALL! Sure, the Magic Penetration is nice, but that MR means you waste a slot for half the item you needed.

This is enough for now, i covered pretty much all the aspects you were maybe curious about. Take my advices and you will prevail!

Good luck on the Fields of Battle!

How to put together a good League of Legends Ranked Team

Hello everyone and welcome back to another tutorial (yes, these are tutorials, even though i don`t go into much detail).
This time i`ll be talking about Ranked Teams, and what makes them good.

First of all, you all know famous teams like TSM, TPA, AAA etc… Why do you think they rank the highest and end up going to world tournaments? They are people after all.
What makes them “Pro” and soak in all the crowds cheers is their mentality. Because lets face it, you cant be a Professional if you rant and curse everyone around you, right?
You thought i would say skill first. WRONG.

It`s not the skill that counts, its how you THINK.
Sure, you see them landing super WOMBO COMBOS and impossibile skillshots, but thats just them knowing Game Mechanics. Simple? Not entirely.

In order to team up with other players you must complete the following “chores”. Don`t worry, i will write them as a list so it will be easy for you to remember. Lets go!


1) Be good at the game

Nothing is more frustrating when your Mid laner only knows to play Karthus (poorly) because he thinks that pressing R while at the spawn platform he will MAGICALLY pentakill the enemy team…

In order to create a ranked team you must be good at the game. You must have SOME ranked games in your history so you can know what competitive play is (Blind picks are just warm-ups, trust me, you are not a good LoL player if you Quadrakill in a Blind game). You must know what your team CAN do. Yes. I`m talking about game knowledge. Knowing the game means you can think of possibile champion combos that work well together

As an example, you have Ahri mid, Rumble top, Jarvan IV jungle, Caitlyn adc and Sonna support, because you have a ballanced quantity of Hard CC and “bursty” damage. Imagine a 5v5 against this combo:

  • Ahri charms someone, then uses all of her kit to burst down;
  • Meanwhile, Jarvan makes the Q-E combo into his ultimate
  • Rumble ults as well, behind of wich Sonna lands a 4,5 man Crescendo and Caitlyn just right-clicks everyone to death.

If you can control the game, you have the edge. Know how to farm, know champion skills and their respective combos, know how to jungle/counter-jungle, how to ward and counter-ward, when to attack Drake and Baron, when to initiate a 5v5 and who to focus first. This is game knowledge. Be good at this, and you will strive.

2) “Main” a lane

Pick your favourite lane to play, and master it to perfection. You love right-clicking? Play ADC. Do you have the teamwork mentality and sacrifice power? Go support or top lane. Absolutely enjoy melting people with 2 skills? Go mid.

Of course, you have to play all roles in order to be better at the game, but you MUST have a role that you play best.
The advantage? You know all Champions in that class, their skills, counters, weaknesses, powers and synergy with other Champions. That makes you unbeatable in lane (unless, of course, you end up fighting against all 5 members of the enemy team because “someone” forgot to ping SS hah)

3) Be social

You have a Friends tab. Use it. Talk to people you met in game and enjoyed playing with them, know what they play best.
If your team roster lacks a support, talk to your friends and find out who mains the support role and is willing to join your team. The friends tab is NOT for bragging or showing off with “LULU PENTA FTW <3″ statuses.
Do you wanna go pro? Pick good players for your team, not show-offs, because they will eventually leave the team due to “not letting him have the quadra because you took the kill to save a turret”.


Did i say enough? Play Ranked Team Games, LOTS of them. Do so until you feel your team is becoming a whole unit. Do it so you can synergyse with your teammates, perfect your combos,skills and tactics. Speaking of wich…

5) Tactics

Don`t just play a “normal” game… It`s not efficient. Use special tactics OR create new ones! For instance, if you want to take down the top turret but it`s heavily guarded, 4 members of your team must “attempt” Baron just to alert the enemy while the 5th one hides and waits for the turret to be left unwatched, taking it down, then joining the rest of his team in an effort to win a 5v5 at Baron so a 2nd objective can be taken down.

Be creative, smart, think like a pro to become one.

Honestly, when i was maining mid lane and played Akali, it didnt matter i had 30-3 because the enemy team was bunching up and killing me first, making me useless to the team. Kills are not important, Objectives are. So mold your tactics accordingly.

6) Good mentality

A team is like a familly. Never taunt, insult or flame at your teammates for making a wrong move. EVER!
Would you like it if you were to make a big mistake and end up before a shooting squad made out of your teammates? No? Well, DON`T DO IT.

Pro tip: If you see a player get bashed, turn on your “Epic Mode”. Trust me, you and your whole team will love it. It`s basically a testosterone soaked behaviour, going full berserk and driving your team like a steamroller over the enemy.
How you do it? Simple. When you see one of your teammates depressed for being bullied our of lane or irritated by the taunts of his opponent, rush in to aid him, BUT scream like you are glorious! If you are using Skype or Teamspeak or whatever, tell him to man up and crush his enemy, screaming like a mad man “HE WILL MEET HIS DEMISE! JOIN ME, FELLOW ALLY, DEMOLISH THIS WRETCHED BEAST! BANZAAAAAI” while doing a full combo, ending in victory.

Pro tip #2: This technique, if used well, can boost anyones morale, making you and your team fell LIKE A TEAM and hungry for victory.

WARNING: Do not use this randomly. This is a Panic Button, so play carefully. When you go into “Epic Mode”, you become a Spartan, so be thoughtfull of your decisions in battle. Don`t haste an engagement. Make sure your target is isolated and easy to kill. You have been warned.

7) Communicate

Just like Practice, Communication is the key to victory. You must ALWAYS make your teammates aware of your decisions and circumstances. ALWAYS.
Do NOT, by any chance, do things without consulting your allies. If you fail to communicate, you will die alot, feed the enemy and lose the game. Think things through.

I guess this is enough for this tutorial. Put in practice what i tought you, create a team, and go Pro.
Remember, anybody can go pro, it doesnt matter if you play from home with a teammate who is hundreds of miles away, or if you and your teammates live together and play together under the same roof. It all comes down to the winning mentality.

Good luck on the Fields of Battle!


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